Hunting contests are usually illegal.

Hunting Contests

California Racoon Trapping and Hunting Regulations

Hunting Contests

A permit from the CDFW is required to offer a reward for killing game birds or mammals* in a tournament, derby, or other hunting contest unless the total value of the reward is less than $500.

* Since April 1, 2015, it’s been illegal to offer such a reward for killing furbearing mammals and nongame mammals. Furbearing mammals include: Badger, Beaver, Gray fox, Mink, Muskrat, and Raccoon. Nongame mammals include: Bobcat, Coyote, and Jackrabbits. See Fish & Game Code § 2003 and 14 CCR §§ 465(b) and 472(e).


About Legal Labrador

Legal Labrador is an advocate for and defender of California hunters’ rights. We provide legal support to all interested parties within the hunting industry, including Legal Labrador members, individual hunters, fish and game authorities, hunting organizations, and service providers. Legal Labrador consolidates and summarizes federal, state, and local hunting laws. Our California hunters’ rights attorney is here to provide legal advice and, if necessary, representation to hunters cited with hunting violations.
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