60 Permits for Deer and Pig in Merced and Santa Clara Counties

In this blog, you’ll find info for public deer and wild pig hunts in Merced County and Santa Clara County, plus links to summaries of rules and regulations for the season. Warning shot!!! These hunts are by reservation only. Hunters are responsible for knowing and complying with all hunting rules and regulations for deer, pig, public land, and the specific Wildlife Areas.


On the weekend of August 13 and 14, 2016, there are 60 public hunting opportunities for deer and wild pig. The dates coincide with opening weekend of the Zone A general deer season.


Up to 60 Permits for Deer and Pig in Merced and Santa Clara CountiesThese special hunts are being administered by Region 4 of the California Department of Fish & Wildlife, which is the Central California region. The public land is located in Merced County and Santa Clara County. The deer hunts are for Deer Zone A South Unit 110. (Click here for more info about deer hunting in Zone A.) The hunts are being managed by the Los Banos Wildlife Area Complex. Specifically, the hunts will take place at the following Wildlife Areas:

Click here for more Wildlife Areas in the Region.



permit is required to enter these hunting areas. Only 30 permits are available for each day.


For a chance to participate, you have to submit the 2016 Merced County Wildlife Areas Zone A Deer/Pig Season Application. Send it by email to roger.wilbur@wildlife.ca.gov, or mail it to CDFW’s Los Banos Wildlife Area office at 18110 W. Henry Miller Ave., Los Banos, CA 93635. It must be received by Tuesday, July 5, 2016 by 4:30 PM. For more info, call the CDFW office at (209)826-0463 between 8 and 4:30.


Juniors are hunters under the age of 18 on July 1 of the hunting year. Juniors with a valid Junior Hunting License can apply, but only with an adult hunter. Click here for more information about Junior hunting.


Up to three (3) hunters can apply as a party.

Rejection & Disqualification

Warning shot!!! Late or incomplete applications will be rejected. You will be disqualified from the drawing if you submit more than one application. You’ll also be disqualified if you apply for more than one date or location. In other words, you cannot apply for both days or multiple areas.

Drawing / Lottery

The permits are issued through a random, computerized drawing, commonly referred to as a lottery. The drawing will be held on July 6 at 11:00 AM. It will take place at Los Banos office and is open to the public.


These hunts are by reservation only. If selected through the drawing, you’ll be notified by mail within five business days. You’ll receive your reservation at that time. It will probably serve as your access permit.

Rules & Regulations

California mule deer hunting

Deer Hunting Seasons

In general, you have to comply with all deer and pig hunting rules. However, there are more rules and restrictions for hunting on State Wildlife Areas. They depend on the “Type” of Wildlife Area (Type A, B, or C). There are even more rules and restrictions at particular Wildlife Areas. Warning shot!!! All hunters are responsible for knowing and complying the rules. For guidance, follow the links below to our summaries

  1. California Deer Hunting Seasons.
  2. California Pig Hunting Seasons.
  3. California Wildlife Areas.
  4. Hunter Quota System (lotteries, permits, and reservations).
  5. Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area (Type C).
  6. San Luis Reservoir Wildlife Area (Type C).



About Legal Labrador

Legal Labrador is an advocate for and defender of California hunters’ rights. We provide legal support to all interested parties within the hunting industry, including Legal Labrador members, individual hunters, fish and game authorities, hunting organizations, and service providers. Legal Labrador consolidates and summarizes federal, state, and local hunting laws. Our California hunters’ rights attorney is here to provide legal advice and, if necessary, representation to hunters cited with hunting violations.
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