Latour Demonstration State Forest



Warning Shot!!! Winter and spring months are often a time of high winds, deep snow, and extreme cold, making the area inaccessible to vehicle traffic except snowmobiles.

  • Image of Black Bear hunting

    Bear Black Hunting

    Authorized Species: all legal species, but the following are common:

  1. Big Gameblack bear and deer
  2. Small Game: tree squirrel
  3. Upland Game Birds: blue grouse, mountain quail, and Turkey
  • Bicycles: allowed only on forest roads
  • Dogs: link to our summary of regulations for hunting dogs and training
  • Fishing: allowed
  • Horses: not allowed in the campgrounds
  • Permits: see “Horses” above
  • Pets: must be under control and on a leash (see “Dogs”) above
  • Regulations: in accordance with Federal, State, and local laws.  Warning Shot!!!  Link to our summary of general use regulations for visiting State forests.
  • Snowmobiles: allowed
  • Vehicles: allowed only on forest roads (e.g. scooters, carts, mountain bikes, etc.



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