New Hogan Lake

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On this page, you’ll find a summary of USACE rules, regulations, procedures, and general information for hunting at the Lake.  Warning shot!!!  These are in addition to general USACE regulations for all project areas, as well as all applicable Federal, State, and local law (e.g. CDFW hunting regulations).


  • Agency: United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • CDFW Region 2: North Central California
  • County: Calaveras County
  • Location: Valley Springs, CA
  • Phone: (209) 772-1343
  • USACE District:
  • WebpagesRecreation and California Watchable Wildlife


Warning shots!!!  The area is shared with hikers and horseback riders

  • Archery: allowed ONLY during open seasons and must be unstrung outside of the hunting area
  • Authorized species: all legal species, but the following species are highlighted by the USACE
  1. Big Game: black-tail deer
  2. Non Game: Bobcat and coyote
  3. Reptiles: rattlesnakes
  4. Upland Game Birds: dove, quail, and Turkey
  5. Waterfowl: ducks and geese
  • Closures:
  1. Deer Flat Campground: NO hunting
  2. Grazing areas: stay out of ares that are fenced and least for grazing
  • Horses: allowed on equestrian trails
  • Hunting areas:
  1. Designated areas within the park (typically marked with white 4-foot steel paddle markers labeled “U.S. PROP. LINE”)
  2. Outside the park south and east sides of the Lake
  • Map: click here for hunting map
  • Shotguns: allowed ONLY during open season and must remain unloaded outside of the hunting area

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