Otay Mountain Ecological Reserve

On this page, you’ll find area-specific regulations that supplement and/or supersede general use regulations, both of which are a condition for use and incorporated by reference into the entry permit. You’ll also find links to supporting law, websites, directions, hunt maps, and a suggestion box.

Warning shot!!! Remember, federal law also applies (link to our summary of the Migratory Bird Treat Act.) and additional rules may be located at the Wildlife Area that you can’t find anywhere else (e.g. check station, information kiosks, permits, reservations, road signs, etc.)

General Info

  • Otay Mountain ER and Hollenbeck Canyon WLA


    Authorized species:

  1. Big Game: deer
  2. Resident Small Game: rabbit
  3. Upland Game Birds: California quail and mountain quail
  • CDFW symbols: the area webpage only reflects the following activities- NONE
  • County: San Diego County
  • Directions: Head East on state highway 94. Take Otay Lakes Rd. Take the dirt road into Jamul Valley south of Otay Lakes Rd
  • Habitat:
  • Location:
  • Phone
  • Region 5: South Coast
  • Size:  acres
  • WebsiteOtay Mountain Ecological Reserve


  • Quail hunting in California

    Quail Hunting

    Authorization: Allowed in accordance with the Bureau of Land Management’s Wilderness Area regulations (43 CFR 6300, Oct. 1, 2012). [14 CCR § 630(d)(27)]


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