Ohm Unit

For Refuge-specific rules and regulations, link to the Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge. On this page, you’ll find:

  1. Unit-specif rules and regulations for hunting and fishing

  2. Maps for boat access, closed areas, etc.
  3. Links to definitions and other relevant summaries
  4. Unit brochures
    Warning shots!!! Look for additional rules and instructions on Unit signs and kiosks.  Beware of wildlife (mountain lions, wild boar, rattlesnakes, mosquitoes, ticks, bees/wasps, as well as poison oak, stinging nettle, poison hemlock)

I. Unit-Specific Rules and Regulations

A. Waterfowl, Snipe & Dove Hunting

Access: ONLY by boat.  Warning shot!!! Do NOT access from adjacent private land

Bicycles: NOT allowed

Blinds: NO permanent blinds and see “Vegetation” below

Boat rampBoats: boat access only (see our Google map)

Camping & overnight: ONLY on gravel bars for up to 7 days in 30-day period

Closures: NO hunting–

      1. In the closed area (see our Google map)
      2. Within 50 feet of landward boundaries adjacent to private land
      3. 150 yards of any occupied dwelling, etc.

Day use: open 2 hrs before sunrise until 1-1/2 hr after sunset

DogsDogs: control at all times and leash except while hunting

Fees: NO recreation fees

Fires: only on gravel bars in portable gas stoves

Horses: NOT allowed

Hunting: only from Aug. 15 – May 31 during open seasons

Personal Property: remove by 1 1/2 hours after sunset, including boats, decoys, empty shells, litter, etc.

Shot: ONLY non-toxic shot approved by the US Fish & Wildlife Service

Vegetation: don’t cut for blinds or trails

Vehicles: motorized vehicles are NOT allowed

Weapons: shotgun ONLY–NO rifles or pistols

B. Pheasant, Turkey & Quail Hunting

  • Same as above, except that:

Bow and arrowSeasons: click Turkey

Weapons: both shotguns and archery equipment is also allowed (link to our summary of archery-specific regulations)

C. Black-tailed Deer

  • Same as Par. B, except that:

Blinds: permanent blinds, platforms, ladders or screw-in foot pegs are NOT allowed

DogsDogs: link to our summary of regulations for hunting dogs and training on mammals.

Personal property: remove by 1-1/2 hour after sunset, including stands and trail cameras

Shells: slugs are also allowed while deer hunting

D. Sport Fishing

Sport FishingFish area: Sacramento River

Regulations: observe State fishing regulations

Vegetation: do NOT make trails by cutting vegetation

II. Rules and Regulations

Sacramento River NWR Mooney Ohm Brochure 2009(1)_Page_1Sacramento River NWR Mooney Ohm Brochure 2009(1)_Page_2


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