San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area

On this page, you’ll find area-specific regulations that supplement and/or supersede general use regulations, both of which are a condition for use and incorporated by reference into the entry permit. You’ll also find links to supporting law, websites, directions, hunt maps, and a suggestion box.

Warning shot!!! Remember, federal law also applies (link to our summary of the Migratory Bird Treat Act.) and additional rules may be located at the Wildlife Area that you can’t find anywhere else (e.g. check station, information kiosks, permits, reservations, road signs, etc.)

General Info

  • San Felipe Valley WLA


    Authorized species: all legal species, but the following are emphasized by the CDFW–

  1. Big Game: deer
  2. Resident Small Game: rabbit
  3. Upland Game Birds: Turkey, California quail, mountain quail, and dove
  • CDFW symbols: the area webpage only reflects the following activities-

California Department of Fish and Wildlife symbol indicating that deer hunting is authorized on a State wildlife area.California Department of Fish and Wildlife symbol indicating that quail hunting is authorized on a State wildlife area.


  • County: San Diego County
  • Directions: County Highway S-2 bisects the length of the wildlife area and provides public access. Current boundaries are displayed at the information kiosk located on the southwest side of S-2, approximately 11.4 miles east of the junction of Highways S-2 and 79.
  • Habitat:
  • Location: Approximately 10 miles northeast of the town of Julian between State Highways 78 and 79
  • Phone(858) 467-4201
  • Region 5: South Coast
  • Size: 14,100 acres
  • WebsiteSan Felipe Valley Wildlife Area


  • Public Use Map

    Also see kiosk or website

    Bicycles: Allowed only on designated trails or routes, but there are NONE [14 CCR § 551(j)(5)]

  • Camping: NOT allowed
  • Closures:
  1. Hunting: Closed to hunting February 1 through August 31 except during the spring turkey season when only turkeys may be hunted
  2. Public: NO access from June 1 through August 31 for deer fawning protection

Warning shot!!! Portions of the area are  [14 CCR § 551(o)(50)]

  • Deer hunting: D-16 general deer zone tags may not be used west of Highway S-2 [14 CCR § 551(o)(50)]
  • Dog training: Allowed only in the designated portion of the area from September 1 through the end of February. DOG TRIALS ARE NOT ALLOWED. [14 CCR § 551(i)(11)]
  • Fires: NOT allowed
  • Horses: Allowed only on designated trails or routes, but there are NONE [14 CCR § 551(l)(22)]San Felipe Kiosk
  • Hunt days: daily from September 1 through January 31
  • Kiosk: check for any additional rules
  • Land Management Plan: click here
  • Natural Resources: do NOT remove vegetation, minerals, or artifacts
  • Target shooting: NOT allowed (target, trap, or skeet)
  • Turkey hunting: open for the fall and spring [14 CCR § 551(o)(50)]
  • Vehicles: no motorized vehicles
  • Weapons: Rifles and pistols are prohibited in designated areas [14 CCR § 551(r)(46)]

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